Episode 030 – A Tangled Mess

This is our first episode with out new refined format. If you have comments, let us know! We would love to hear them!

This week … Continue reading

STS Announcement

We have a short announcement pertaining to upcoming episodes for 2016. Its short, but we will be back next week with an awesome episode for … Continue reading

Episode 028 – Chatting with, 5 Year Old, Nate from “The Show About Science”

This week we have a special treat for you! Have you ever listened to The Show About Science? If you haven’t we highly recommend … Continue reading

Episode 027 – Oncology, and Hematology with Dr. Ryan Mattison

This week Greg had the opportunity to chat with Dr. Ryan Mattison about Oncology, and Hematology.

Dr. Mattison holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from … Continue reading

Episode 026 – What’s Up With This Weather?!

This week we had the chance to ask Sara Kobilka why the eastern US is experiencing such odd weather!

I won’t spill the beans, so … Continue reading

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