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Ian Armstrong

I am 24 years old, a husband (to an amazing wife), and am technically, scientifically, and mechanically inclined. I was born in Atlanta, Georgia, but have lived in California, Florida, Pennsylvania, and now Ohio. Currently I am in my third year of a PhD program in Chemistry. Everyday I work in the trenches developing new potential molecules that may eventually have some use, or not…


I am a 25-year-old native Pennsylvanian transplanted to the Midwest, who is a materials chemistry graduate student by day and a podcaster and lifetime learner by night. I am (nearly) bilingual, a distance runner, a cyclist, a skier, a husband, a cancer-survivor, a brother, an amateur mechanic, a bibliophile, a musician, a practicing Catholic and an outdoors enthusiast. My interest in science has always been to use what aptitude I have been given to contribute to solving the problems which face us and future generations which stand between us and a more sustainable lifestyle. Through this podcast project, I hope to do my part to show our audience that the scientific concepts which drive everyday life can be engaging and that commanding an understanding of these concepts is key to forming a better future for our planet.


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