Episode 030 – A Tangled Mess

This is our first episode with out new refined format. If you have comments, let us know! We would love to hear them!

This week on Stop. Think. Science!

We talk with Dr. Anil Gulati of Midwestern University, and Annie Racine from UW Madison, and learn about Alzheimer’s Disease.

The world of Alzheimer’s Disease research is ever changing. Here are some additional resources for more information:

If you have any further questions, send them our way. We will get back to you!


Episode 028 – Chatting with, 5 Year Old, Nate from “The Show About Science”

This week we have a special treat for you! Have you ever listened to The Show About Science? If you haven’t we highly recommend you do, immediately!

The host, Nate, is a 5-year old with a passion for science. Chemistry to be exact!

We got to talk with him, and his dad, and get a behind the scenes look!

When you finish with our episode, head over to Nate’s SoundCloud, and have a listen!

You can find Nate on social media:




Episode 027 – Oncology, and Hematology with Dr. Ryan Mattison

This week Greg had the opportunity to chat with Dr. Ryan Mattison about Oncology, and Hematology.

Dr. Mattison holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from Iowa State University and his M.D. from the Roy J. and Lucille A. Carver School of Medicine at the University of Iowa. He completed his residency in Internal Medicine at UNC hospitals in Chapel Hill where he served as Chief Resident, and went on to complete a Hematology/Oncology Fellowship at the University of Chicago Hospitals. Dr. Mattison is now an Assistant Professor and practicing physician in Hematology/Oncology at the University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics, where he specializes in the care of patients with hematologic malignancies, particularly acute lymphoblastic leukemia and acute myeloid leukemia. He is interested in drug development to improve care and outcomes for these patients.

The book Dr. Mattison mentioned:

Emperor of All Maladies


Episode 026 – What’s Up With This Weather?!

This week we had the chance to ask Sara Kobilka why the eastern US is experiencing such odd weather!

I won’t spill the beans, so click on the play button below to find out why!

Have a Happy New Year, and we will catch you in 2016!

Header Image Credit: NOAA

Episode 025 – The Five Compounds of Christmas!

Lets just jump right into it! Here are some important compounds that you encounter every day over the holiday season! Some of them have strong scents, while others taste great in your grandmothers homemade cookies! (For all of our fellow chemists, we agree that the structures look terrible. Our WordPress theme is not being friendly…)




alpha pinene beta pinene







.We hope you enjoyed this episode! We will catch you next week with a new interview!

Episode 024 – NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory, with Megan Watzke

We really hope you enjoy this one! We had a chance to talk with Megan Watzke, who is the Press Officer for the Chandra X-ray Observatory.

Megan Watzke has spent her career sharing the wonders of science with the widest range of audiences possible.  From her role as the press officer for NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory to her “public science” projects that inject science into daily experiences, she seeks to de-stigmatize science for everyone, but especially for underrepresented groups including women.

If you haven’t ever heard of Chandra, don’t know what an X-ray is, or just love space, we highly recommend listening to this episode!

In addition to serving as the Press Officer for Chandra, she has also recently released a few books.

“Coloring the Universe”
Available November 15, 2015

“Light: The Visible Spectrum and Beyond”
Available October 27, 2015

You can connect with Megan through multiple avenues:

Episode 023 – News Roundup 12/7/2015

This is crunch time for the semester! Time is short, so we had to keep it simple this week.

We talk about:

1)CRISPR conference

2)New Horizons!

3)Sleep deprivation causes flu vaccines to work slower

Next week we will have an interview for you, so stay tuned.

Here is a hint on the topic: An orbiting telescope that sees things we as humans can’t. Let us know what your guesses are!

Episode 022 – Curtis McMillan on Traditional Whiskey Aging

For this week, we wanted to revisit a topic that we touched on in episode 14 with Tom Lix. We reached out to whiskey expert Curtis McMillan to chat with us about some traditional whiskey aging topics. Just a heads up, this is only the first part of the conversation. The rest of the interview will be coming up in the near future.

Just some quick background on Curtis:

Curtis is an expert in the craft of Whiskey in all of its form. He’s been featured many times on Common Man Cocktails on YouTube and has a long list of industry accreditations ranging from tequila, to gin, to beer. While attempting to obtain funding for his own distillery, he ran a batch at a friends distillery, and the resulting whiskey scored an 86 on Whiskey Advocate, which is the highest rating ever for a micro distilled whiskey. He currently works for Anheuser-Busch as a high end brand ambassador.  

You can connect with Curtis on twitter, or learn more about his past at LinkedIn.



We won’t give away too much from this episode, so just go listen!

Until next week!

P.S. Check out Curtis on Common Man Cocktails talking about scotch

Episode 021 – You’ve got Questions, We’ve got Answers

We are constantly trying new things, and having fun here at Stop. Think. Science!, so we thought we would do something a little bit different this week.

This week, we randomly call up a couple of our contacts, and ask them what science question has been burning in their mind. Our goal: Answer their question.

Did we succeed? Maybe, maybe not. Did we have fun: yes.

Take a listen, and let us know what you think. We have an interview coming up next week, so stay tuned!