Episode 000 — A New Beginning

In this intro episode I go over a few things.

  1. I am a scientist (A chemist to be exact)
  2. I make things turn colors (and sometimes blow them up)
  3. I have friends (They happen to be scientists)
  4. They like to talk about stuff (Science!)
  5. We are tired of people like Food Babe (So called experts…)
  6. I want  you to learn something
  7. I want to learn something
  8. The audio quality kinda sucks…
  9. Serial, and Start-up are cool, and I’m no Alex Blumberg, or Sarah Koenig.
  10. Cool stuff coming soon!

Pretty simple. Any questions? Hit contact us if you do!

The New Website is LIVE!

Welcome to the new home of Stop. Think. Science! Over the last few days I have been fighting mystical code monsters in the land of Ubuntu, but I have prevailed. With this victory, you will see that we now have a dedicated space to grow this project and community. On the homepage, I will be posting cool images, and links to their prospective stories. Feel free to send me comments and questions for anything you see, or hear on the podcast. Sign up for our newsletter, and enjoy!