Episode 020 – A Thank You, and Interview With Marine Scientist, Dr. Ellen Prager

Things have been hectic over the last few weeks for all of us here at ‘Stop. Think. Science!’, and we apologize for this episode being late. We hope that you enjoy it regardless of the late release!

First off, we just want to thank you for listening. We never actually thought that we would start a podcast, let alone make it to 20 episodes. The support we have received is great, and we love every single time we hear from you. We would love to hear more! Don’t hesitate to let us know what you think as we would love to make our episodes better!

Our interview today is with expert marine scientist Dr. Ellen Prager.

Today we have Dr. Ellen Prager who is a marine scientist involved in many areas including freelance writing, science communication, science consulting, and is a safina center fellow. Throughout her career she has held positions at many different marine science facilities including the Aquarius Reef Base in Key Largo, Florida, the Sea Education Association (SEA) in Woods Hole, MA, the National Undersea Research Center in the Bahamas and in addition spent time as the Assistant Dean at the University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science. Ellen is a rockstar marine scientist and we are excited to hear about some of her thoughts and experiences!

We chat about her journey exploring the oceans, and learning about marine science. In addition, she tells us a little about the book project she is working on.

Her favorite books:

How to follow Ellen!

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