Episode 016 – All About Glass! With Mike Tylinski

Its time for another episode! This week we have Mike Tylinski on the show!

Mike graduated from Grinnell College in Iowa with his BA in Chemistry, and currently is a 5th year PhD candidate in Materials Chemistry in Professor Mark Ediger’s lab at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where he studies the properties of stable and ordinary glasses of small organic molecules, focusing on learning how to control the transformation between glasses and their supercooled liquids. He prepares his glasses using physical vapor deposition under ultra high vacuum (space!..almost) and characterizes them using nanocalorimetry and dielectric spectroscopy. He ultimately aspires to be a chemistry professor at a small liberal arts college.

Mike shares with us his knowledge about glasses, and the applications to our world!

His recommended book for this week is: A Short History of Nearly Everything

If you have any questions for Mike, send them our way! We can pass them on to Mike, an get you an answer!

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The cover image is made available to us by Garry Knight through a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 License

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