Episode 014 – Accelerating the Aging of Bourbon with Tom Lix (Cleveland Whiskey)

We are pleased to release this episode with Tom Lix, owner and CEO of Cleveland Whiskey! We had planned on waiting to release this one, but were super excited about it… So here it is!

Tom is an experienced entrepreneur who left corporate America and the University behind when he founded Cleveland Whiskey. His revolutionary accelerated aging process is designed to take whiskey from distillery to bottle at a rate that gives his competitors whiplash. People have called him a heretic and his Pressure Aging process sacrilegious, but he’s been hugely successful and is putting his entrepreneuristic spirit to good use! His distillery has been visited by the president, and been covered by many major news outlets both locally and nationally. Their most recent new product Cleveland Underground: Black Cherry recently won a 2015 MicroLiquor Gold Medal for Taste.

Tom is the perfect example of the American Dream. He took his idea from the basement of his house, to a real product sitting on the shelves of stores through 12 states. We talk about:

  • Cleveland Whiskey as a Technology company
  • The accelerated aging process
  • Tom’s passion as an amateur chemist, and the story behind Cleveland Whiskey
  • Tom’s day-to-day
  • The nimble technology of Cleveland Whiskey
  • The startup spirit behind the company

There is a lot of good discussion in this episode, so check it out! Cleveland Whiskey is Greg approved! and their process is super awesome!

You can learn more at www.clevelandwhiskey.com.

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We will catch you next week!


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